Fireplace Repair in Mississauga, Scarborough and Toronto

We know how much you love your fireplace in the winter months. Often, it creates a needed space of warmth and comfort when the weather turns dreary. It also can serve as a heating source when you don’t feel like heating a large area. But a malfunctioning or damaged fireplace can be more than just an inconvenience. It can be dangerous. The professionals at First Class Heating & Air take your family’s comfort and safety very seriously. Call us for expert diagnostic testing and professional fireplace repair in the Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough areas.


Are you experiencing any of the following signs of a malfunctioning fireplace ? Call us if you see :
  • Your pilot light is not on or it is producing a yellow flame. A clean, effective pilot light should be burning a blue flame.
  • The gas orifices are clogged and not producing a flame.
  • The logs are deteriorating
  • Your fireplace is not properly venting. Caution: this can result in carbon monoxide and be a danger to your family. Call an expert immediately.
  • Pooling water or condensation has formed.
  • Strange booming or other sounds are coming from the fireplace
  • Strange odors are coming from the fireplace
  • You see dirt and soot on the glass
  • Your safety screen is damaged

Our expert technicians are able to quickly determine the cause of the issue and make a concise fireplace repair whenever possible. We have parts on hand so your repair will be quick and easy. We vow to leave your home as clean as we found it. No messy cleanup for you! If you have questions about the operation or maintenance of your fireplace, we would be glad to discuss it with you. The more you know about your heating and cooling devices, the more proactive you will be to get the appropriate maintenance and service required to keep your family comfortable and safe.

At First Class Heating & Air, we believe in regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. Proper maintenance often alleviates emergencies and costly fireplace repairs in the long run. We would rather find an issue at a preemptive maintenance visit than find a dangerous situation when it becomes an emergency. Periodic, preventive maintenance can extend the life of your fireplace and ensure that it is working efficiently whenever it’s used.

There is nothing like a fireplace to add warmth, coziness and value to a home. Our experts at First Class Heating & Air can repair and service your existing gas fireplace or install a new one. We are the premier gas fireplace experts in the area and have years of experience to show for it. Call us for our unrivaled service at competitive prices. We are the fireplace repair professionals you can trust.


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