Your heating and cooling unit is an investment to you and your home. You want to be able to keep cool during the summer and warm in the winter. In fact, you count on. Your unit has to work each and every day. What would you do in order to cool off? Can you afford to purchase a new system? How much will it cost? Is there something that you can do to fix the system you currently have? It’s important to think about your current unit for a minute and see if you can recall any warning signs that it may have given you to service it immediately or soon. Maybe you did or maybe you didn’t but these warning signs are a good place to start. If your unit has been giving you warning signs all along, you may want to consider replacing your unit sooner rather than later.

Why Should I Schedule AC Replacement?

When you replace a unit with a more modern version, you are saving yourself money in the long run and are twice as likely to save yourself some money on your cooling bills throughout the year. Finding an efficient unit that cools down better than your last unit is going to be your ultimate goal. Before you purchase a new unit, be sure that you can’t repair yours. Then begin shopping for a new unit that can be easier for your power bill. How will you know if you need to move on from your current unit and into a new unit? Here are some indications that it is time to replace.

Age of air conditioner

The age of your current air conditioning unit is going to play a key factor in if you need a replacement yet. Let’s face it, a lot has changed in air conditioning units in the last ten years and it’s important that you are able to depend on the unit you currently have in your home when days are hot.

Frequent AC repairs

You may notice that your current unit will begin to need repairs on a more consistent basis. This means that the system, like any other system, is beginning to wear down and lose connections or be in need of filters more often. Maybe you noticed that your unit is running for longer periods of time and not taking long enough breaks before it starts up again.

Cost of Repairs

The cost of repairing your current air conditioning unit may be so expensive that you can buy a new one for that amount. It’s important to consider all your options before you invest in your current unit. If you have an air conditioning system that is more than eight years old and the repair bill is going to cost more than five hundred dollars just to get it working again, you may want to invest in a new unit sooner rather than later.