HVAC stands for heating and air conditioning systems. It is important and necessary that the right amount of ventilation is considered for every HVAC installation. Without the proper ventilation, your home will not maintain the heat in the winter and the cool air in the summer. Another reason why you want to have a well ventilated HVAC unit is due to your family’s health. Some of your older homes will older HVAC models are not vented properly and can be dangerous as well as costly.
Many older models would vent through the attic, basement, or straight outside. The problem with this type of venting is that this leaves a hole for bacteria, dust mites, molds, and allergens to drift around, build up, and eventually will rock their way into your home. It also allows for the heat to escape your home and causing your furnace to run longer and harder. Over time, this leak of air can cost you a lot of money. If you are not sure exactly how old your system currently is or if you have an older home and you know that your system must be old as well, here are some important facts that you will want to consider:
• When your homes HVAC system is inadequately vented and not installed correctly, you can pay as much as 30% more than what you need to for energy throughout the year.
• When a ventilation system is vented correctly through the attic, it can actually reduce your energy cost by up to 12%.
• Many homeowners don’t see the valuable reason to change their AC filters every three months. Some do not change them for years.
• On average, a couch can hold up to 10,000 dust mites at a time.
During the colder part of the winter, homeowners tend to shut the doors and windows to avoid any cool air coming in. While this does prevent the cool air from drifting in, it also reduces the ventilation system working adequately and the air quality then will become worse. When the air quality is poor, it allows for allergy and asthma symptoms to also get worse.
You most likely won’t notice a drop in the air quality, somewhat like when a car begins to have an odor, you won’t notice it at first but then suddenly, you will notice that your furnace is running longer than what it should. This is when you need to consider upgrading your HVAC system to a modern system. Ionize the air with electric air filter and this will help your air quality and improve any symptoms of allergies. Cleaning the air but using filters is just one way to make a difference. Try using humidifiers as well as a duct system that is efficient to help restore the air that you and your family can breathe better.