When you consider air conditioner options, there is a serious underlying question about choosing a unit with just a single stage or a two stage compressor. The answer is going to be based on a range of different factors. In order to figure out which one works properly for you, it could be helpful to have an idea of how each and every one works.

The Mechanics of a Single Stage and a Two Stage Compressor

The major difference between both types of compressors is the actual process by which the air is perfectly compressed within the air conditioning unit. This is done in order to generate the necessary power which is needed for the operation.
When it comes to a single stage air compressor, the air is actually drawn right into the cylinder and compressed to an approximation of 120 PSI in a single piston stroke. From there, it is conveniently transferred to a chamber for storage. On the other hand, there is one extra step in this process if you take advantage of a two-stage compressor. Once the initial compressor is through in the very first cylinder, the air is actually moved to a second one and there is a piston stroke as well. The pressure is then increased to about 175 PSI and not 120. Once this is through, that’s when the air is transferred to the storage tank.

What does this mean for the AC unit?

This means that the single stage AC is going to work at just one level. This means that the unit is going to work until it reaches a certain level and then when the temperature rises, it’s going to turn back on automatically to meet the necessary temperature and to even out the difference. On the other hand, when we have two-stage compressors, the unit is going to run smoothly on one level in order to maintain a mild environment and only turn on the powerful stage if there is a sudden increase in the temperature.

So, what’s the difference for the end user?

Well, two-stage compressors reveal a few different properties which are generally preferable in comparison. Right off the bat, they are more efficient and they are going to save you money in the long run. Sure, it might require you to put up a little more money upfront but this is going to get compensated in the long run. They are also easier to maintain in comparison to one-stage units and have an overly longer lifespan.
There are obviously quite a few differences that you would want to account for and determine whether or not you want to use a one- or two-stage compressor. You might want to take the advice of HVAC professional in Mississauga and check which of the two might work better for your unit. They would be able to assist you with it.