Throughout the hot days of the summer season, there is absolutely nothing more inconvenient than having to deal with a malfunctioning air conditioning. This is even more troublesome if you’re not capable of identifying the reason for the issues. It wouldn’t really make sense and it would cost you quite a lot of cash to jump to the conclusion to choose a brand new unit. If the air conditioner fails, the first thing you need to do and the simplest one is to check the condenser fan motor. If it’s malfunctioning, you could replace it with a new one and be done with it.

How important is the fan motor of the condenser?

In every AC system, the heat from the air is conveniently absorbed by the refrigerant. This is providing cool air and it’s circulated throughout the entire place.
The condenser is pretty much that part of the system which releases the heat which has been absorbed by the cooling process. As this gets done, the condenser fan is going to blow the heat past the condenser coils so that same heat can be easily released. The motor is the driver of this fan. Hence, it’s essential for the distribution of the cooled air throughout the entire home or business and it’s obviously quite important.

Diagnosing Issues

One of the signs is that you have a malfunctioning fan motor is that the AC might work for a while and then stops out of nowhere. When you turn the AC unit on, it is going to blow the cool air within the home or to your office, but this would only happen for a short amount of time. Once it’s done, it is just going to start blowing the air at room temperature. That is the first sign that something is not working right. You need to call in an expert to evaluate and diagnose what has gone wrong.
If you want to investigate the issue further, switch on the system. Then you can monitor the condenser fan and see how it is working. If the latter fails to start spinning within the first twenty minutes, you can suspect that there is a serious issue with the motor.
However, chances are high that your issue is actually mechanical – you might have a fan that is stuck. So, you could try to get the fan to start spinning once again by removing the part that has it stuck with a smaller stick. If this fails, though, you would probably need to replace the whole thing.
With this in mind, it is important to understand that there are quite a few considerations to account for and it is best if you left this task for a specialist. This will guarantee that the task is handled properly and that it wouldn’t cause any further issues. You might want to discuss the issues with the HVAC contractor in Toronto.