Here in the GTA, we still have a good month of summer weather left. So it can be an unfortunate thing when your AC suddenly begins to blow hot air. Before you panic, let’s look at the reasons this may be happening and what you may be able to do as a homeowner. Before calling your Mississauga AC repair company, take a quick check to see what may be happening that is causing this problem.

Did Someone Accidentally Adjust the Thermostat?

This may seem counter intuitive, however mistakes happen. Is it possible someone accidentally set your system on heat instead of cool? You have no idea how often it happens! Make sure you thermostat is set on “cool” and not “on”. The “on” setting will merely cycle your air through the system, but not cool it. When checking your thermostat, make sure you have set it properly to the “cool” or “auto” setting.

Your Outdoor Unit May Be Clogged

Your system has two main components. One is inside the home and the other is outside. The outside unit requires unrestricted air to the condenser coil and may have become clogged with debris and dirt, leaves, twigs, yard cuttings, or overgrown vegetation. If you find this may be your problem, you can remove the debris from the area, trim vegetation, or otherwise get rid of anything restricting airflow to your outside unit.

Loss Of Power To Your Outside Unit

If your outer unit has lost power, yet your inner unit is still operating, this may cause warm air to be circulated through your AC vents. Make sure your circuit breaker is on. Also, make sure your home’s main shutoff switch is on. This is often outside, right next to your outer AC unit. If your AC is tripping your breaker, this is time to call an air conditioner repair technician in Mississauga.

Things That Require Professional Assistance

Of course, there are other things that may have caused your AC to malfunction and these will require that you call your Mississauga AC repair expert. It is possible your hot air may be caused by:

● Broken or disconnected ductwork
● Dirty evaporator coil
● Electrical malfunction
● Refrigerant leak

These things will require the assistance of a professional.

If you need an air conditioner repair expert in Mississauga, call the company that the GTA has trusted throughout the years. First Class Heating & Air will be there immediately to fix that hot air problem. Call us today when your air conditioning needs an expert.