It may still be summer, but you know winter is right around the corner. And you remember that your old furnace was struggling keeping your house warm last winter. You thought you had plenty of time to shop for a new furnace, but time is running out.

Do Your Homework

Shopping for an expensive heating system for your home can feel overwhelming. But there are some ways you can be prepared in order not to get taken advantage of. Consider these tips from furnace repair experts in Scarborough before you head into those uncharted waters.

While shopping, consider the AFUE rating of the furnaces you are considering. You should be able to recoup the expense of a high efficiency unit over its lifetime. Look for two stage valves which control the fuel level. The furnace should run higher at the beginning to get to temperature, then lower to maintain temperature. Look for a programmable thermostat to help offset energy costs while you are not home. Also, look for a substantial warranty period. Warranties will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The more efficient furnaces will have a longer warranty period.

Hire The Right Company

A professional Scarborough HVAC expert will:

● Provide a full written agreement that will include parts, labor, and taxes,
● Include a copy of all manufacturer warranty and registration forms.
● Do a complete, computerized load calculation to determine the correct size system for your home.
● Require payment only after the job is complete and you have done a full inspection.

Inspect The Work

After the installation, do a complete inspection.

For an electric furnace, make sure that:

● Your filter is accessible.
● Your ductwork is properly sealed.
● Your unit is sitting on a pad to prevent noise.
● Basement units should be above floor level by at least 4 inches.
● Your electrical disconnect is within 3 feet.
● Your contractor has removed all debris and cleaned around the unit.
● Has installed an updated thermostat that is consistent with your new furnace.

For an oil or gas furnace, make sure that all of the above for the electric furnace is completed, as well as:

● Vent pipes are supported to prevent future sagging at least every 8 feet.
● Vent pipes are sloped back toward the furnace.
● Vent pipes are as short as possible.
● There is a shutoff valve for gas or oil right next to the furnace.

When conducting your inspection, make sure the Scarborough HVAC installer is right there with you to answer any of your concerns.

If you need help shopping for a new furnace, call the experts at First Class Heating & Air. We have served the Scarborough community with professional furnace repairs and replacements for years. We will answer any questions about a new furnace system that you may have.