Technology. We all have the newest smartphones and laptops. We are inundated with news of self driving cars, artificial intelligence, and drone deliveries. But when it comes to our homes, our air conditioning systems are dinosaurs. Few homeowners today pay much attention to what is available in new capabilities in the heating and cooling field, despite the fact that it may save us substantially in energy bills.

Considering your HVAC system represents the largest energy expenditure in your home, it may benefit you to take a look at the latest technology in the industry today. Air conditioning systems are far more efficient today than ever before. The technology available today allows for air conditioners to cool your home faster using far less energy. If you are considering AC repair or replacement in Scarborough, you may want to see how a new, energy efficient system can benefit you.

Your old AC system most probably has a SEER rating of 10 or less. (SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.) Today, air conditioning systems on the market have SEER ratings from 13 to as high as 23. The higher the SEER rating, the more you will save on energy costs. What does that mean for the average homeowner? With just a 4 point SEER adjustment, you would reduce your energy energy consumption by almost 28%. That could equate to a substantial savings in your monthly utility bills. Ask your air conditioner repair professional in Scarborough how a new, energy efficient system can save you on your monthly utility bills.

New systems with variable speed air handlers allow your AC to work at a lower speed with more precision temperatures. In older models, the air handlers cycle cool air at 100% capacity and then switch on and off repeatedly throughout the day. With a variable speed handler, the unit will start at full speed when cool air needs to be restored immediately, but will taper off to a lower speed when the temperature has been reached and run at a lesser speed continuously. This avoids constant starts and stops that require a considerable amount of energy usage.

Ultraviolet, or UV, light systems can improve your indoor air quality by reducing the amount of bacteria and molds before they get blown into the system. An air conditioner repair technician in Scarborough will install a UV light near the evaporator coils to prevent mold and bacteria growth before air gets passed through them. These lights are particularly effective in humid climates.

Smart thermostats, otherwise known as WiFi thermostats, enable the homeowner to cool their home via a smartphone or other electronic device. This customizes settings to the individual’s home that can reduce monthly bills as well as providing incredible convenience.

New ductless air conditioning systems are perfect for those who want more convenience and cost savings than portable air conditioners without the expense of installing ductwork for a central system. Indoor air handlers in each room connect with a complete outdoor system that can cool and heat each room.

If you are looking to replace your existing air conditioning system, call an HVAC repair professional in Scarborough to see how new technology in the industry can help save you money on your energy bills.